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A Happier New Year

Well what a year it's been for the clients I've worked with.

I'm often talking about 'pivotal life events' or 'wake-up calls' in our sessions together, and this year has been positively littered with these.

The pandemic changed us all in significant ways I believe. Whether it was working circumstances, finances, health, or the bigger questions of love, life and death.

Out from these events came the reassessment of individuals' life meaning and purpose alongside a genuine search for happiness.

For those couples I worked with and who strengthened their relationships, this was a special time. They developed an unbreakable bond, a joint resilience against whatever life may throw at them in the future. They were released from old conflicts and grudges, and any past hurt was processed and then put safely where it belonged, back in the past. They were now solidly progressing on their life's journey together. It was truly amazing to witness.

For those clients that I worked with who chose to separate, well this was also of course a life changing event. I am honoured to have been there with them also, to share their pain and help them understand themselves better. They too were altered in immeasurable ways and have resolved their choices in their hearts. It was also incredible to witness.

From the bottom of my soul I wish you all, existing clients and future ones, a very Happier New Year!

Karen Khan

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