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Anger is The New Normal

Freedom day is here then. It finally arrived on Monday (to the sound of screaming).

One thing has come out of this lockdown; there’s a lot of angry people out there.

There’s undoubtedly been injustice everywhere - by the Governments, by employers, by God even. So many lives lost, so much financial ruin and so much hurt and pain everywhere. That’s not all.

The fall-out now is the damage to people’s mental health. The relationships (that were probably drifting anyway) and have now just floated down the river forever.

As a Councillor the one thing I work on with clients are their close relationships. This is actually the ‘triad of happiness’ as I like to call it. Self, health and others. No health and no others and we’re looking at a one-legged horse here. That poor animal is just not winning any races any more. In fact it’s time to check it into the knackered horsey hotel.

Of course (you probably guessed it) the two things we all suffered from throughout the pandemic was fear for our health and loss of contact with others. Really tough times all round. It’s no wonder people are angry.

I have a couple of clients who have now separated and have a bitter custody battle over two small children. The mother of which would like to move some five hundred miles to be close to her parents (I completely understand that) -however the father cannot re-locate because of work and is angry. I mean, angry in all sorts of terrifying ways. He is currently in an anger management treatment plan with me and I’m really glad that he is. This week we are working on modifying his behaviours, which then lead to a change in thought processes and in turn slow down his temper eruptions.

Thankfully he’s a gym bunny (now that they’re back open) and he is able to have contact now with his own close family. He’s now learning to trust and understand his own feelings and how this relates to his core values.

So although he’s an outside runner and doesn’t run well on hard turf, he’s certainly worth backing and could yet surprise us all.

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