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Love Isn't All You Need

Did lockdown affect our closest relationships? Of course it did. We all had to look within ourselves and address the big question. Life and death (what's it all about?).

A lot of us disagreed on this. Social Media lit up and the news was hot with questions such as -"will things ever be the same again?" Everybody was faced with a similar question: 'If time on Earth is so short, how do I want to spend it' (or just as importantly) "Who do I want to spend it with?'

Online therapists like me were overwhelmed with new clients and there was a movement of spiritual curiosity, which I sincerely hope never leaves us.

This impacted on peoples' relationships in ways which have never been seen since World War 2, I believe. It'll be some pretty shocking data when it's released, showing unprecedented marital breakdowns, infidelities and domestic abuse.

Or will it?

Certainly for the couples I've been working with recently -it doesn't. The challenges of the pandemic haven't broken them at all. They have come out of the crisis stronger than ever and it's been wonderful to be part of that.

This is what I believe, that given a little guidance, understanding and empathy. Love will always find a way.

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