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The Dirty Word- How MONEY Stress Messes with Your Marriage

Updated: Nov 20, 2023

Alright, let's talk about the big green elephant in the room - money, and how it can turn your love story into a financial drama. We've all heard it before - money problems are the root of many marriage evils. So, how exactly does this moolah madness affect a marriage?

1. Silent Treatment:

Imagine this: a secret stash of credit card bills, hidden expenses, and hush-hush spending. Money worries can lead to a serious case of "I'm not telling you anything!" This silence can become a communication killer, and we all know that a lack of talking can't be good.

2. "You Spent What?!" Fights:

Money arguments are like unwanted guests that crash your dinner party. Disagreements about budgets, spending, and financial goals can quickly turn into a heavyweight bout of shouting. The result? Frequent fights that make you wish you were in the boxing ring instead.

3. Emotional No-Go Zone:

Money worries can turn your cozy emotional connection into a deep freeze. Resentment and finger-pointing can replace the cuddles and sweet nothings.

4. Trust Tumble:

Ever heard of financial infidelity? It's like cheating on your partner with your credit card. Hiding money matters or secret bank accounts can lead to trust issues that are as hard to fix as a broken piggy bank.

5. Sleepless Nights:

Worrying about money can lead to sleepless nights and serious stress. The end result? You're both too tired and grumpy to even think about cuddling.

6. Decision Deadlock:

When it comes to money, choosing where it goes can be like trying to agree on a Netflix show with 100 seasons. One wants to save, the other wants to splurge. Decision-making can turn into a never-ending debate.

7. Intimacy Interrupted:

The bedroom isn't safe from money stress either. Worrying about bills can put a damper on your romantic moments. The only thing you're getting intimate with is your spreadsheet.

8. Health Hazards:

Financial strain isn't just hard on the wallet; it can be a real downer for your health too. Anxiety, depression, and even health problems can rear their ugly heads. It's like money troubles are the Grinches of good times.

9. Bad Coping Choices:

Sometimes, the stress leads to unhealthy habits. You might find yourself reaching for that extra glass of wine, making risky investments, or going on a spending spree. Those won't fix the money mess; they'll just make it worse.

10. D-I-V-O-R-C-E:

When the money troubles pile up, some couples eventually call it quits. Financial incompatibility can be the last straw in an already shaky relationship.

But don't hit the panic button just yet. Money worries don't have to be a marriage-ender. Honest conversations, teamwork, and seeking help if needed can turn your financial frown upside down. Your love story can still have a happy ending, even if it's a bit crumpled from the money rollercoaster.

More often than not -couples are coming to me with money worries far more often than sexual difficulties.

I'm here to help you get through everything.

Whenever you need me and for as long as you need me.

Karen Khan

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